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JC triple offset butterfly valve design and unique sealing elements provide zero leakage through non-rubbing 90-degree rotation across a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions.

On the basis of preserving primary radical eccentric and axial eccentric, the axis of conical seal surface has been inclined with the center of valve flow path to form angle eccentric. JC tri-eccentric butterfly valve is characterized by compact structure, effective handle and long work life. It can be widely used in oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, power station, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceuticals,...

1st eccentricity
The shaft is diverged from centerline of the sealing surface.

2nd eccentricity
The shaft is diverged from centerline of the pipeline and valve. These two eccentricities are designated for friction reduction between the valve seat and seal ring when opening and closing the valve.

3rd eccentricity
It makes the valve seat completely separated from the seal ring through the geometric shape, during the whole process of opening and dosing the valve. The special eccentric combination not only makes use of the cam effect, but also completely eliminates friction. It enables no friction between the valve seat and seal ring on the valve plate, to eliminate possible abrasion and leakage, in the 90º stroke of the valve.

Properties of multi layer sealing structure

The JC Triple offset butterfly valves are designed with a metallic composite cone beveling. than takes advantage of cam effect, thus valve seat could be released from seal ring through the whole switching process and zero friction exists between valve seat and plate seal ring providing friction-free stroking throughout the valve, extends valve life, ensures no over-travel of the disc, allows for a lower torque for actuator to be fitted and ensures bubble tight closure of the valve, resulting in zero-leakage performance.
The butterfly plate seal ring is designed as multi layer seal ring. This seal compresses on a radial basis and moves flexibly and elastically.
Optional sealing materials are suitable for different temperature and medium.

Properties of all alloy hard sealing


Triple offset JC valves are provided with three dimensional eccentric sealing structures. The valves are designed and manufactured with unique techniques and dedicated facilities for maximum machined accuracy. This ensures full cone match of sealing pair, and eliminates the intervention and abrasion between sealing faces.
The product features small switching resistance, reliable sealing performance, reduced sealing face abrasion and a vastly extended valve life. The alloy hard sealing, Allowing for higher pressure and temperature applications whilst still providing bubble-tight shut off.
The valves are tested according to procedures by API 598. The valve has the characteristic of “essential fire safety” due the metal-to-metal sealing.


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